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Various Artists - Elektra: The Album

Artists / Artistas: Various artists (see tracklisting) / Varios artistas (ver el listado de temas)
Country / País: International / Internacional
Album / Álbum: Elektra: The Album (2005, Wind-Up Records)
Produced by / Producido por: Various producers / Varios productores
Artists & tracklisting / Artistas y listado de temas:

- Never There (She Stabs), by Strata
- Hey Kids, by Jet
- Everyone Is Wrong, by The Donnas
- Sooner Or Later, by Switchfoot
- Thousand Mile Wish (Elektra Mix), by Finger Eleven
- Wonder, by Megan McCauley
- Your Own Disaster, by Taking Back Sunday
- Breathe No More, by Evanescence
- Photograph, by 12 Stones
- Save Me, by Alter Bridge
- Beautiful, by The Dreaming
- Hollow, by Submersed
- Angels With Even Filthier Souls, by Hawthorne Heights
- 5 Years, by The Twenty Twos
- In The Light, by Full Blown Rose


Style / Estilo: Gothic Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Rock`N`Roll, Pop Rock / Rock Gótico, Metal Alternativo, Rock Alternativo, Rock 'N' Roll, Pop Rock.
Try it if you like / Pruébalo si te gusta: Any of the artists featured / Cualquiera de los artistas que aparecen
Additional info / Información adicional:

- Evanescence, 12 Stones and Finger Eleven appear on Daredevil: The Album.
- Elektra and Daredevil are related comic characters.
- Save Me doesn't appear on any Alter Bridge album.
- Breathe No More doesn't appear on any Evanescence album.
- Sooner Or Later is a new, re-recorded version.
- The original version is included on Switchfoot's album New Way To Be Human.
- Hollow also appears on Submersed's album In Due Time.
- Never There (She Stabs) can be found on Strata's album Strata.
- Photograph also appears on 12 Stone's album Potter's Field.

- Evanescence, 12 Stones y Finger Eleven aparecen en Daredevil: The Album.
- Elektra y Daredevil son personajes de comic relacionados.
- Save Me no aparece en ningún álbum de Alter Bridge.
- Breathe No More no aparece en ningún álbum de Evanescence.
- Sooner Or later es una nueva versión regrabada.
- La versión original se incluye en el album de Switchfoot New Way To Be Human.
- Hollow aparece en el album In Due Time de Submersed.
- Never There (She Stabs) aparece en álbum Strata de Strata.
- Photograph aparece en el álbum Potter's Field de 12 Stones.
Quality / Calidad:
192 kbps
Download / Descarga:

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