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Various Artists - The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, Music From The Movie And More

Artists / Artistas: Various artists (see tracklisting) / Varios artistas (ver el listado de temas)
Country / País: International / Internacional
Album / Álbum: The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Music From The Movie And More (2004, Sire /Rhino /London Records)
Artists & tracklisting / Artistas y listado de temas:

- SpongeBob Squarepants Theme, by Avril Lavigne
- SpongeBob & Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy, by The Flamming Lips
- Just A Kid, by Wilco
- The Goofy Goober Song, by Michael Simpson (EZ Mike), Spongebob And Patrick
- Prince Paul's Bubble Party, by The Waikikis, Prince Paul & Wordsworth
- Bikini Bottom, by Electrocute
- The Best Day Ever, by SpongeBob
- They'll Soon Discover, by The Shins
- Ocean Man, by Ween
- Under My Rock, by Patrick
- Now That We'e Men, by SpongeBob, Patrick & The Monsters
- Goofy Goober Rock, by Tom Rothrock With Jim Wise
- You better Swim, by Motörhead
- The Jellyfish Song By The Jellyfish Band, by Plus-Tech Squeezebox, feat. SpongeBob
- Spongebob Squarepants Theme (Movie Version), by Pirates


Style / Estilo: Rock, Rock'N' Roll, Pop Rock, Punk Pop, Rap, Comedy / Rock, Rock 'N' Roll, Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Rap, Comedia.
Try it if you like / Pruébalo si te gusta: Any of the artists featured / Cualquiera de los artistas que aparecen
Additional info / Información adicional:

- The Goofy Goober Rock is a parodical version of Twisted Sister's I Wanna Rock.
- Michael Simpson, a.k.a. EZ Mike, is a member of the duo The Dust Brothers.
- You Better Swim is a new version of Motörhead`s You Better Run.
- You can find the original version in Motörhead's album March Or Die.

- The Goofy Goober Rock es una parodia de I Wanna Rock de Twisted Sister.
- Michael Simpson, alias EZ Mike, es un miembro del dúo The Dust Brothers.
- You Better Swim es una nueva versión de You Better Run de Motörhead.
- Puedes encontrar la versión original en el album
March Or Die de Motörhead.
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