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Various Artists - Strangeland: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Artists / Artistas: Various artists (see tracklisting) / Varios artistas (ver el listado de temas)
Country / País: International / Internacional
Album / Álbum: Strangeland: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1998, TVT Records)
Artists & tracklisting / Artistas y listado de temas:

- Inconclusion, by Dee Snider
- Breathe, by Sevendust
- A Secret Place, by Megadeth
- Where You Come From, by Pantera
- P & V, by Anthrax
- Absent, by Snot
- Street Justice, originally by Twisted Sister, by Dayinthelife
- Not Living, by Coal Chamber
- In League, by Bile
- Sweet Tooth, by Marilyn Manson
- Eye For An Eye, by Soulfly
- Serpent Boy (Radio Edit), by (Hed) P.E.
- F**k Off, by Kid Rock, featuring Eminem
- Awake, by Clay People
- Marmalade, by System Of A Down
- I'm The Man, by Nashville Pussy
- Captain Howdy, by I'm The Man.
- Heroes Are Hard To Find, by Twisted Sister.

Style / Estilo: Gothic Rock, Hard Rock, Tribal Metal, Alternative Metal, Rap Metal, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal / Rock Gótico, Hard Rock, Metal tribal, Metal Alternativo, Rap Metal, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal.
Try it if you like / Pruébalo si te gusta: Any of the artists featured / Cualquiera de los artistas que aparecen
Additional info / Información adicional:

- Dee Snider directed the movie Strangeland.
- Dee Snider is Twisted Sister's singer.
- Where You Come From is in Pantera's album Official Live: 100% Proof.
- A Secret Place appears in Megadeth's album Cryptic Writings.
- Eye For An Eye is included in Soulfly's album Soulfly.
- Not Living is also in Coal Chamber's album Chamber Music.
- F**k Off is featured in Kid Rock's album Devil Without A Cause.
- Sweet Tooth is in Marilyn Manson's album Portrait Of An American Family.

- Dee Snider dirigió la película Strangeland.
- Dee Snider es el cantante de Twisted Sister.
- Where You Come From está en el disco
Official Live: 100% Proof. de Pantera.
- A Secret Place aparece en el disco Cryptic Writings de Megadeth.
- Eye For An Eye se nluye en el disco Soulfly de Soulfly.
- Not Living también está en el disco Chamber Music de Coal Chamber.
- F**k Off aparece en el disco Devil Without A Cause de Kid Rock.
- Sweet Tooth está en el disco Portrait Of An American Family de Marilyn Manson.
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I was searching for this album for a long time !!!!!!
i owe you guys one!!!!!!!!