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Varous Artists - Spawn: The Album

Artists / Artistas: Various artists (see tracklisting) / Varios artistas (ver el listado de temas)
Country / País: International / Internacional
Album / Álbum: Spawn: The Album (1997, Sony Records)
Artists & tracklisting / Artistas y listado de temas:

- (Can't You) Trip Like I Do, by Filter & The Crystal Method
- Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, by Marilyn Manson & Sneaker Pimps
- Kick The P.A, by Korn & The Dust Brothers
- Tiny Rubberband, by Butthole Surfers & Moby
- For Whom The Bell Tolls (The Irony Of It All), by Metallica & DJ Spooky
- Torn Apart, by Stabbing Westward & Wink
- Skin Up Pin Up, by Mansun & 808 State
- One Man Army, by Prodigy & Tom Morello
- Spawn, by Silverchair & Vitro
- T-4 Strain, by Henry Rollins & Goldie
- Familiar, by Incubus & DJ Greyboy
- No Remorse (I Wanna Die), by Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot
- A Plane Scraped It's Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon, by Soul Coughing & Roni Size


Style / Estilo: Electronic Metal, Electronic Rock, Industrial Metal / Metal Electrónico, Rock Electrónico, Metal Industrial
Try It If You Like / Pruébalo si te gusta: Any of the artists featured / Cualquiera de los artistas que aparecen
Additional Info / Información Adicional:

- The album was certified Gold (it sold more than 500.000 copies in U.S.A.).
- (Can't You) Trip Like I Do and Long Hard Road Out Of Hell were singles chosen to promote this album.
- (Can't You) Trip Like I Do is a different version of the song Trip Like I Do by The Crystal Method.
- The original version can be found in The Crystal Method's album Vegas.
- Another version of the song Spawn by Silverchair (without electronic sounds and programing) called Spawn Again can be found in Silverchair's album Neon Ballroom.
- For Whom The Bell Tools (The Irony Of It All) is not a brand new song but a remix of Metallica's classic For Whom The Bell Tolls (from the album Ride The Lightning) by Dj Spooky.
- Dj Spooky stated: "I got to be the first DJ to remix Metallica (they're not into electronic music, but they really liked that one!!!). I'd say that was one of my favorite moments, just hearing that Metallica liked my mixes".
- The song Satan is a new version of Orbital's homonimous song (from their 1991's album Orbital), with Kirk Hammett of Metallica adding electric guitar tracks.

- El album obtuvo el galardón de Disco de Oro (vendió más de 500.000 copias en U.S.A.).
(Can't You) Trip Like I Do y Long Hard Road Out Of Hell fueron singles elegidos para promocionar este álbum.

- (Can't You) Trip Like I Do es una nueva y diferente versión de la canción Trip Like I Do de The Crystal Method. Se puede encontrar en su álbum Vegas.
- Otra versión de la canción Spawn de Silverchair (sin los sonidos y programaciones electrónicas) se puede encontrar en el álbum de Silverchair Neon Ballroom.
- For Whom The Bell Tolls (the Irony Of It All) no es una canción nueva sino una remezcla del cásico de Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls (del álbum Ride The Lightning) por Dj Spooky.
- Dj Spooky dijo: "Conseguí ser el primer DJ en remezclar a Metallica (a ellos no les gusta la música electrónica, !!!pero realmente les gusto esa!!!). Yo diría que fue uno de mis momentos favoritos, simplemente oir que a Metallica les gustáron mis mezclas".
- La canción Satan es una nueva version de la canción homónima de Orbital (de su álbum Orbital de 1991), con Kirk Hammett de Metallica añadiendo pistas de guitarra eléctrica.

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