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Various Artists - Dracula 2.000, Music From The Dimension Motion Picture

Artist / Artista
: Various artists (see tracklisting) / Varios artistas (ver el listado de temas).
Country / País: U.S.A. & Canada / U.S.A. y Canada.
Album / Álbum: Dracula 2.000: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture.
Produced by / Producido por: Various producers / Varios productores.
Artists & Traclisting / Artistas y listado de temas:

-Ultra Mega, by Powerman 5000
-A Welcome Burden, by Disturbed
-Bloodline, by Slayer
-The Metro, performed by System Of A Down, originally by Berlin
-Heads Explode, by Monster Magnet
-Break You Down, by Godhead, feat. Marilyn Manson
-One Step Closer, by Linkin Park
-Avoid The Light, by Pantera
-Ostego Undead, by Static-X
-Swan Dive, by (hed) P.E.
-Day By Day, by Taproot
-Malice, by Endo
-Blind World, by Flybanger
-Sober, by Half-Cocked
-Your Disease, by Saliva

Style / Estilo: Metal, Rap Metal, Techno Metal, Gothic Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock. Stoner Rock / Metal, Rap Metal, Techno Metal, Metal Gótico Industrial, Metal Alternativo, Stoner Rock.
Try It If You Like / Pruébalo si te gusta: Any of the artists featured / Cualquiera de los artistas que aparecen.
Additional Info / Información adicional:

-A Welcome Burden doesn't appear on any Disturbed album.
-Avoid The Light doesn't appear on any Pantera album.
-Ultra Mega doesn't appear on any Powerman 5000 album.
-The Metro, doesn't appear in any other System Of A Down album.
-The Metro appears on Not Another Teen Movie, Music From The Motion Picture.
-The Metro is a cover song originally written by band Berlin.
-The song Break You Down by Godhead features Marilyn Manson as guest vocalist.
-Break You Down can be found in Godhead's album 2000 Years Of Human Error.
-Otsego Undead was wrongly spelled and printed "Ostego Undead" in the album.
-Otsego Undead can be found in Static-X's album Machine.
-One Step Closer can be found in Linkin Park's album Meteora.
- Malice can be found in Endo's album Endo.
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